A Journey of Transformation: Setting Your Intentions for a Fulfilling Life


This new chapter of my life commenced a few years ago, on a day that remains etched in memory. I found myself on a vibrant beach, surrounded by a sea of souls, at the Sunwaves Music Festival. I was partying like a rock star, while I was also allowing my dreams to be carried away by waves into a future I was only dreaming about at the time.

Today, as I sit here with my partner, my son, and my feline companion, swaying to the rhythm of Bee Gees, launching this blog, I’m living the very dream I dared to dream then. It’s funny how the first of May seems tailor-made for life’s defining moments.

The idea for this blog had been circling my thoughts for quite some time. It came and went, lurking in the background until a few months ago when it decided to stay for good.

In the past years, I’ve journeyed through numerous transformations – relocating to a foreign land, starting a new relationship, bidding farewell to my career, embracing motherhood while also moving to three different homes in a year, and embarking on a new professional journey.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid gatherer of knowledge, always believing that someday, all these fragments of wisdom would form a beautiful mosaic. This endless pursuit led me to uncharted territories – from forsaking meat to embracing diverse healing practices, self-education, self-healing, and a profound voyage of self-discovery.

Socrates once wisely declared:

“Know thyself, and thou shall know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe.”

This truth has revealed itself to me time and again. The path of self-discovery is a kaleidoscope of experiences – demanding, enduring, magical, empowering, chaotic, luminous, and beyond. Yet, every twist and turn is unequivocally worth it.

Now, I’m opening a new chapter in my life, one I’ve lovingly titled “Expansion.” It’s a chapter where I feel empowered to share what I’ve unearthed along the way. My intention with this blog is to illuminate the highs and lows, and every intricate moment in between, with the hope that it resonates with your own journey. The time you invest in yourself will never be in vain.

I invite you to join me on this remarkable voyage as we navigate life’s expanding horizons together. Let’s empower each other, uplift each other, and grow together.

Blessings on our shared journey of expansion.

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