pregnancy affirmations delibvery

22 Birth Affirmations for Labor and Delivery

Pregnancy and labor are two experiences that come with many challenges and blessings at the same time. For my first pregnancy, I planned and organised everything months in advance. Now, with my second pregnancy, I’m more relaxed and more focused on…

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Benefits of alone time for moms

The Benefits of Alone Time. For Mums

I am both an introvert and an extrovert. In simpler terms, I am an ambivert. I love to play with Arun, engage in conversations and be surrounded by as many people as much as I love being alone with my…

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5 books for new parents

5 Books for New Parents

Books are one of the richest and most resourceful ways of discovering and learning new things. When I found out that I was pregnant with Arun, I knew just a few things about pregnancy and parenting. I had an idea…

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mother and son

Toddler breastfeeding and sleeping patterns

Being a parent is one of the most complex and challenging experiences of life. It lifts you, and it throws you on the ground. It’s tearing you apart just to build you back in another better version of yourself. Almost…

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What to Pack in Hospital Bag for Labour

Last year during this period, I was researching what to pack in my hospital bag for labour and preparing myself for the big event. In a few weeks, I was going to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now,…

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How to prepare for childbirth

Start to educate yourself for the big moment. I started paying more attention to this subject in the second trimester, and I can say it was a turning point. Having an idea about what is happening or awaits me brought…

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