Enjoy being alone, 9 inspiring ideas you can apply now


Being alone with yourself and enjoying it can be equally challenging and effortless. No one has taught us how to enjoy ourselves. 

When we are little, we learn how the world function, how we function in the world. We are creating our patterns, which we also apply in our adult life. Some of them are still useful, but many of them need improvement or rewriting. 

Let’s say that when you had around five years old, you did something that your mother didn’t agree with, and she punished you by closing you alone in your room. Being so young and not having an understanding of your emotions, this episode broken your heart, and you connected being alone in your room with the feeling of doing something wrong. Once installed, this pattern runs in the back of your head without even noticing it. 

From that point, every time you were by yourself, your body and mind brought the memory back and reinforced the pattern making you feel anxious and sad. 

Fortunately, the patterns don’t have to remain unchanged. You can rewrite the script and transform the times spent alone in moments of recharging, reflection, healing, and meditation. It’s only up to you how you rewrite it.

There are many ways you can enjoy being alone; here are some of the things I often do:



Prepare yourself beautiful and healthy breakfasts

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast that nourishes your body and gives you energy, it’s a way of self-love. I love it when the food I prepare is also beautiful; it brings me joy and is a kind of art for my eyes.

Every time I sit by myself in front of a delicate bowl, full of healthy homemade granola, colourful fruits, and eating with my golden spoon, I experience a moment of peace. I enjoy every single part of the process.

As a result, my day is more productive; I’m calmer and happier.


Make changes in the apartment

The spaces where we spend our time influences our lives in many ways. Especially our homes, because there is where we go to recharge every time. It’s our sanctuary, our womb. Sometimes, because we are so consumed by our day to day life, we take our homes for granted, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Our apartments have a soul, an energy that needs to be revitalised from time to time.

Rearranging different objects or furniture helps me in so many ways. From giving a new vibe to my condo to surprising my eye every time I pass by those changes.

 It’s making new paths in my mind, challenging me to see from a different angle or see un object with different eyes. It also brings me to the present moment. Not being used with the new setup, I make a pause and admire the change. In addition to this, I also bring my mind automatically in the present moment.

Look through old photos

Every day we are changing, physically, mentally, emotionally. We are continually evolving, but being in the day by day rush, we do not notice this.

Leafing through the pictures, you will have the possibility to see how much you have changed, how much you have grown, and have the opportunity to give credit to yourself.

Bringing back old memories can sometimes be a moment of self-awareness.

The other days I received a picture of myself from my sister, and I was surprised to see that I looked at that little girl like a stranger. I discovered that I didn’t know anything about that three-year-old girl. She is cute and innocent, but l don’t know who she is. I don’t know how she played, how she spoked,  cried, or laughed. Since that moment, I started a new process of discovering parts of myself related to my inner child. I can say that it is a challenging journey I embarked on recently. 


Watch inspiring Ted Talks

It’s always a good time to feed your mind with new ideas, new ways of thinking, or find inspirational people. We need sources of good examples that can show us that ideas can become a reality and that imagination is the first step in creating something real.

Here are some of my favourites; every time I see them, it makes my heart vibrate.


The power of vulnerability  
Every kid needs a champion
Six ways mushrooms can save the world 
The transformative power of classical music 
How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are 


Plan a surprise for someone

               wall decoration 

Spending time thinking about a nice gesture for a person you care about or even for a stranger heals your soul. If we have to explain the process, it will be something like this.

You are focusing your attention on only one thing which is inventing something; this is meditation. Your mind cooks something. Therefore, it has an exciting project to work on for some time; this is peace of mind. When you move on to real facts and start crafting the surprise, you get rivers of subtle emotions like love, happiness, and excitement filling your body with light; this is the soul dancing. Finally, when the other person experiences the surprise, it is a moment of joy and celebration; this is humanity. You are spreading love.

How do you think that day will be for that being? Quite beautiful, no? If you don’t have any ideas about what to do, here are a few:

  • write a little quote message on a bit of paper, inserted in the pocket of someone and let him discover it
  • write with chalk a positive note on the asphalt, so everyone who sees it has a happy moment
  • deliver a coffee to someone, pay for a coffee to someone you don’t know
  • write a letter telling what you admire to the person you address it
  • call someone and say thank you, you learn something from that person
  • let an inspirational message on a piece of paper on someone’s car
  • make a decoration for someone you love
  • let your imagination dance


gratitude journal

Start a gratitude journal 

A few months ago, I started a little journal of gratitude, and I can say that I am quite impressed with how good it feels. Every night, before I go to bed, I write three things I’m grateful for what I am most proud of and what made my smile today.

In this way, I have a retrospective of the day that passed. I also train myself to see the good things that I experienced throughout the day, and I go to sleep with high vibration, which helps me wake up more joyful.



 Offer yourself flowers

Nothing compares to a vase of flowers on the kitchen table or in the bathroom mirror. It lights up my day; it smoothens my nights and tickles my senses. 

Treat yourself the way you want life to treat you. Speak with yourself with kindness and love, nourish your body and mind, and from time to time, offer yourself some flowers.

Open this door, and life will send you some surpassingly bouquets of love.


 Make a list with things you would like to do

                       jump from a plane

We are making lists for shopping, for everyday tasks, vacation, but we rarely write the things we like, or we would like to experience. Next time when you are alone, I recommend you to sit comfortably at a table, with a paper and a pen in front of you, a cup of tea in the right, a flower vase on the left, and write your wildest wishes.

It can be swimming with free dolphins, being in two places at the same time, seeing the Aurora Borealis, flying an aeroplane, jumping from a plane, having kids, you name it, write everything down I dare you.

It doesn’t matter how “impossible” may seem, Audrey Hepburn sad. 


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!


                              compliment yourself

Compliment yourself

Complimenting yourself is a challenging process when all your life you heard or noticed the things you hate about yourself. Having the power to look in the mirror straight in your eyes and tell yourself a kind word is a strength.

Too often, we see our faults and miss from sight our beauty and grace. Making yourself a conscious compliment means stepping into your power and also assuming the good things that you’re accomplishing, not only the bad ones.

I’ve written a whole article about how to learn loving yourself and take your power back if you are interested in the subject.

Enjoy the time you have alone. It’s a precious moment when you can heal, transform, and expand yourself. Used it wisely, and it will bring you magical experiences.

I’m very interested to know how you are spending your time alone. Write me a comment and tell me three activities you love the most. 




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