How to prepare for childbirth


Start to educate yourself for the big moment.

I started paying more attention to this subject in the second trimester, and I can say it was a turning point. Having an idea about what is happening or awaits me brought me a sense of peace.

During pregnancy, I had all these questions about what to eat, how my emotions influenced my baby, how to give birth, how to have smooth labor, what is vital for his development, and many other questions that I suppose you have. But, after starting the research, all my uncertainties disappeared.

Giving birth was one of the most challenging things I experienced.

It’s a process that implies all kinds of feelings and emotions. But being well informed helped me to feel more in control; it gave me strength and power, which I think is a must in those moments. 

I started searching for information about everything I didn’t know and educating myself in every possible way to make the best decisions.

In my research, I found some helpful resources that helped me in so many ways. As a result, I gave birth quite fast, naturally, without an epidural, my body healed quickly, and my baby was, and it is healthy and happy.

Now I’m sharing them with you. Hoping that will also smoothen your experience of giving birth, let’s dive in.


 “Life Before Birth – In the Womb”

This documentary speaks about the development of the baby inside of your body, from conception to birth. It’s informative and also offers a perspective from the inside.

You will have the opportunity to understand exactly how your baby is growing inside your womb, how he reacts to different stimuli such as noise, smells, foods, and how he prepares for the big moment, meeting you.

This documentary made us, me and my partner, more aware of our baby’s needs, how fast the developing process is, and how amazing our bodies are.


Simple exercises and tips

I know you are more and more exhausted, you probably don’t even sleep at night, and your hands and feet are very fluffy. As I said before, it’s a challenging period, but you need to stretch your body and do some easy exercises.

You need to help your body cope with the weight and prepare it for a very intense moment.

This video helped me create a daily routine that significantly impacted my self-esteem, health, and resistance during labor.


Kegel exercises

Yes, they work. I started doing these exercises from the second trimester, and I have continued to do them to this day, one year later.

These exercises help with:

  • urinary continence
  • healing bladder leakage
  • facilitating the birth process
  • increasing vaginal lubrication
  • reducing pelvic organ prolapse
  • overall improving pelvic health
  • developing better back and hip support

You will thank yourself for doing these exercises.



Music for the soul “Deva Premal – Chidananda.”

Music is part of our lives. In our home, not a day goes by without listening to music. We listen to almost all kinds of musical styles, from meditation to house, opera, and rock.

When I was pregnant, I found one song which brought me a lot of peace and comfort. From that moment on, I sang it to Arun, my son, almost every day. It is a profound and powerful song, who speaks about Shiva and Consciousness, what He is and what He is not. 


This effective breathing technique 

Breathing is one of the most important parts of labor. It is the most crucial part of our lives.

When the moment comes, and the contractions start being more intense and closer, breathing deeply and consciously will help you keep your cool. In those moments, breathing will be your best friend because it is the only thing you can do to help yourself and your baby.

Learning how to breathe correctly helped me with my dilatation and pain, which conducted in less stress for my baby and me.

My experience was quite funny and fast, at 09:00 in the morning. I notice some contractions. Around noon, my boyfriend and I were still asking ourselves if this is the moment because I was supposed to give birth two weeks later. At 02:00 PM, I called the doctor and announced that I was in labor. At 4:00 PM, we arrived at the hospital, and at 04:40, I gave birth. In all this time, breathing was the only thing that helped me smoothen the pain.


The support from my partner

This video helped me and my partner understand the labor process better and educated him on how to get involved and help. For me, having my companion there and supporting me was very important.

We live in Denmark, and here we are by ourselves, without our families and friends, we are just the two of us, so we had to deal with everything ourselves. 

It was hard from one point of view but a blessing from many other points of view. It brought us closer, we learned to help and support one another, and we felt what it means to experience a magical moment in two, each in his way but together in this shared experience.

I genuinely think that a man needs to experience the birth of his child; it gives him power, knowledge and the possibility to feel his creation at a profound level.

Every man is different, and you know your partner better than anyone. Maybe he is not that type. But, if you see in him the desire to get involved, support that desire, and guide him. It will be an experience he will never forget.


Documentary “The Beginning of Life”

The Beginning of Life is a Netflix documentary based on research done in different parts of the planet and by various child development specialists. The series has six episodes in which they speak about the first moments after being birth. It touches the developing process of the infant, the influence of different factors in their life, and the discovery of self. It also educates us on the journey of becoming parents.

This series opened our vision about what it means to bring and care for a new life. Becoming a parent and fulfilling all the needs of this new soul is one of the most transformative and challenging experiences one can live.  


We are all different, the things that worked for me may not work for you, and it’s okay. The only thing I would like you to do is to educate yourself as much as possible. Search for the things you don’t understand, look at the pros and cons and make a conscious decision that is good for you and your baby.

Use this time before giving birth to organise your mind and life. Feel good with yourself and charge as much as possible. If you don’t have any idea how to Enjoy your time alone, I have a post with easy tips that can help.

Now, when I look back, the two most important things I did in that time, before giving birth, were to spend time with myself and educate myself.

I know the idea of giving birth can be scary, but trust me when I say YOU CAN DO IT. You are strong enough, beautiful, and courageous. This is your moment. Take your time, educate yourself, breathe deeply, and let your light shine. YOU CAN DO THIS.




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