Moon Ceremonies & Rituals, Everything You want to Know About

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I started doing Moon Ceremonies six years ago. Since then, my life has changed drastically. 

To begin with, I ended a relationship that caused a lot of suffering on both parts. This led to me living alone for the first time in my life. Next off, I quit my job and met the most wonderful man in my life, who is now my son’s father. In addition, I moved to Denmark, dissolved old patterns, gained new skills, and healed wounds. Finally, I gained new friendships, started my businesses, and also became a mother. 

I can’t attribute all these changes to my Moon Ceremonies, but I’m more than sure that they significantly influenced the changes that happened in my life. Whenever I’m making a Moon ritual, I write down the things I release or welcome into my life. Then, almost every time, I burn the paper after the ceremony. 

On one occasion, I kept the paper and found it by accident a year ago. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that almost all the things I wrote then have become a reality in my daily life. 

I believe it is crucial to slow down often. We want to learn to take our time and imagine our best lives, be grateful for what we have and welcome into our lives the things we wish for. Moon Ceremony is how I work with my dreams, intentions, and gratitude. This ritual brings me peace and abundance on every level.

In this article, I will explain everything I do and its significance. I hope you will give it a chance and see how you feel and how life speaks to you afterwards.



Moon ceremonies through history

Observing Moon phases was a way to live in sync with Mother Nature for thousands of years. All over the world, people are still performing this ancient practice – Moon Ceremonies. Evidence of Moon worship has been discovered at archaeological digs from the ancient Celts to the Egyptians. 

The Moon is called Grandmother Moon, and great respect is paid to her by the native people. This is because she controls all female life and it is said that she watches over the waters of the Earth while women watch over the waters of the people. Water always comes before new life.

Some farmers still use Moon phases to know when to start planting seeds, harvesting or weeding. Moon rituals have the power to create a sacred space where we can look into ourselves and focus our attention inwards.



Every month, the Moon starts a new cycle around the Earth. A Moon cycle begins with the new Moon — when the Moon stands between our world and the Sun. At this point, the Moon is invisible to the human eye. Then it goes into a waxing phase until it reaches the full Moon — the pinnacle of the Moon cycle. After the full Moon, the Moon retreats into its waning phase until it starts again with the new Moon.

  • New Moon: This is a time for manifesting.  
  • Waxing Moon: This is a time to take action.   
  • Full Moon: This is a time of fullness.
  • Waning Moon: This is a time for slowing down and reflecting.

1. Moon Ceremonies and Rituals. Everything You Want to Know

New Moon

New Moon, new beginnings. This is the perfect time to think and plan what you desire to achieve. Write out how you imagine your life, what qualities and passions you want to nourish, what kind of people you are welcoming into your life. Meditate on your thoughts, create a vision board and picture yourself living the life of your dreams. 

The energy from the last lunar cycle is usually cleansed with each new Moon, giving us a spiritually clean state. 

My grandfather offered my mother money every time a new Moon started her cycle. Each time the new Moon appeared, the mantra they were saying was “New Moon, new Moon; healthy you found me, healthy you leave me.”


Full Moon

A full Moon has tremendous power. It’s a time when we can make significant changes in our lives. Full Moon ceremonies are powerful tools for letting go of unwanted patterns, energies, situations, or people. The Moon helps us in cleansing and releasing what doesn’t serve us anymore. The Full Moon is an amplifier, so in the time of the Full Moon, our emotions are brought to the light so we can see and work with them.

Full Moon inspires us to do the work needed to transform ourselves and, in turn, transform our lives. There may be times when we feel agitated, frustrated or overwhelmed when the Moon is full. These moments show us what requires our focus and attention and where we need to do the work. Remember, the full Moon amplifies everything you experience. We can use the light of the Moon as guidance to shift our energy when necessary. 

Hindus believe that the Moon, in its fullest state, has a significant influence on human anatomy. Just as it affects the water bodies on Earth, the cycle of tides, she affects us. Our bodies are made up of approximately 75% water. So I dare to say that it is more than evident that we are also influenced by the Moon cycles. 

Moon dark side


During a Full Moon or a New Moon, it is recommended to do a ​​24-hour Moon diet. In this period is recommended to drink freshly-squeezed fruit or vegetable juices, tea (herbal or green) and spring water (natural or mineral, no soda). Solid foods, sugar, salt and bubble drinks are not recommended. However, if you like your drinks to be sweet, you may consider replacing the sugar with bee honey.

After the 24 hours of the Moon diet passe, it is wise to continue with light meals — vegetables and fruits. Also, remember to drink lots of water.


What to use in Moon ceremonies

All you need to make a Moon Ritual is your intention and your presence. Everything else that you would use are elements that can influence these two aspects on different levels. Below, I will mention what I use in my Moon ceremonies and their purpose.

Because the elements — Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Space are the building blocks of all things, I believe it is essential to involve them in ceremonies. The elements are great helpers and teachers.

Incense – It can be anything; palo santo, sage, various dried herbs, tobacco. I use them to cleanse the space, myself and all the people involved in the ceremony. Remember to cleanse the crystals, the cards and everything else that you would use in the ritual.

palo santo

Crystals – As I mentioned in a previous article, crystals have tremendous powers that can help us be more grounded, more present and healthy. When I make a ceremony, I usually take all my crystals and make a big circle with four main points representing the four directions N, S, W, E. Then, I place all the objects to be used inside the circle. The meaning of the circle symbol is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy and the wholeness of the Universe.

moon ritual

Flowers or fruits – I always like to have elements that represent beauty, nature and grace. For me, the flowers and the fruits are a symbol of all these. I think of them as an offering given to the Universe and the Moon. 

Candles – I love candles. The light that they give and the meditative state that they induce is magical. I prefer candles made from natural wax that are non-toxic and made by producers that care for the environment.  

Water – As I mentioned above, the Moon is said to watch over the waters of the Earth. So what better time do we get than a ceremony to bless the water and infuse it with the energy and the light of the Moon. In different parts of the world, this water is used all month as medicine by the medicine people. 



Musical instruments – Depending on how I feel at the moment, I sing using a Kalimba or Koshy Chime. I believe music has incredible power to harmonise and balance energies. I think of them also as an offering given to the Universe and the Moon.

Pen & Paper – I use this to write down everything that I wish to release or invite into my life. What I am grateful for, what patterns I want to change, what qualities I want to express, how I wish my life to be. Sometimes I also draw the things I’m feeling or thinking about. 

Divination cards – I like to place them in the circle and use them as an oracle guide. Used with intention, the cards can offer significant help in understanding how and where to focus your attention. My favourite divination cards are Dreams of Gaia Tarot: A Tarot for a New Era (Book & Cards).

dreams of Gaia - tarot

Background meditation music helps me to be more focused on meditation and also concentrate on my breath. You can look at my Spotify playlist, Meditation Music and see if it’s something you can use.

Agua De Florida Spirit Water or any other water plant infusion you like – Associating your rituals with a specific smell will ground you and help your body enter a meditative state much faster. Also, every time you encounter that smell, your body will react accordingly and enter into a meditative state.

Guided meditation – This can be helpful for some people. Sometimes my mind is all over the place and guided meditation helps me focus on a singular picture. I have found this meditation to be very useful for me. I’ve been meditating with Kelly Howell for years and I’m in love with her voice. Her meditations are powerful and effective.

 7 Tools That Can Help You Become More Conscious & Peaceful


How I do a ritual step by step

I do my ceremonies at night after putting Arun to bed and everything is usually more peaceful and quiet. I feel more relaxed and focused at night and I also like to gaze at the Moon if possible. But if you don’t have the possibility of doing the ceremony at night, it is also OK to do it during the day. It is best to do the Moon ceremony at the moment when the Moon is at its peak.

mushroom crystal

  1. I start with clearing & cleansing the space where I will do the ceremony with incense. Then, in the background, I play meditation music.

  2. I light up the candles and I call in the directions. Starting with the East (air), I ask the spirits for guidance and protection. I repeat for South (fire), West (water), and North (Earth), as well as for the guardians (upward) and the heart (inward/below).

  3. I say a mantra such as “I release from my energetic field all the negative energies, dark spirits and anything that isn’t of my highest good”. Or “I clear all low energies and invite all the entities of light who want and can assist me in this ceremony.”

  4. I like to be creative when doing my ceremony. I place all my stones in a circle or a different shape with some elements in the centre (divination cards, flowers or fruits, my most significant rocks, a glass of water, a shell, my musical instrument, a feather), depending on the procedure of my ceremony. You can choose to make any shape you feel creative to do — circle, hexagon, octahedron, tetrahedron and so on. Also, what you put inside is up to you. It can be anything that has meaning to you; a book, a picture, a piece of jewellery, something you made, anything that has your energy imprinted on it. 

  5. I take the incense once again and I move it in spirals above the shape of stones I just made. At this point, I start to move or sing. Moving, dancing, singing invites positive vibrations; it wakes up the body and moves the energy in our bodies. In China, there is a word called QI. The ancient Chinese described “qi” as a “life force.” They believed it permeated everything and linked their surroundings together. QI was also linked to energy flow around and through the body, forming a cohesive functioning unit.moon ceremony

  6. After moving and singing, I sit down in a lotus position in the middle or in front of the shape I made. I take a few deep breaths, inhale while counting up to 5 and exhaling while counting down to 1, at least up to ten times. After the breathing exercises, I sink into meditation. 

  7. When the meditation ends, I write on a piece of paper my intentions, the things I am grateful for, the things I wish to release from my life or what came to me during meditation. After I write everything down, I burn the paper and throw the ashes in the wind or at the bottom of a tree. Why do I do this? Because by burning the paper, I release myself from the attachment of my wishes. I am now free from the bound, I send the intention in the Universe and I will not make an obsession about the outcome.

  8. After performing my ceremony, I take a moment to reflect, bless and cleanse my divination cards. Then I set an intention or a question about a subject I need guidance on and I pull out a card, or I make a spread. After I read the interpretation, I reflect on them.

  9. I offer blessings to the four directions and all the elements and souls present at the ceremony. Finally, I close the ceremony with incense and gratitude. May all who come and pass this way be blessed with love abundance and wealth. moon ceremony

  10. I gather all my stones and the glass of water and I place them somewhere outside where the Moon can set her rays on them. Then, I drink a cup of tea and I go to sleep. In the following days, I drink from the water that was infused with moonlight. 

This is the way my rituals take place. Every time after a ceremony, I feel much more into myself, more peaceful, with a clear mind and lots of drive to do the things I intended to do.



New and Full Moon calendar for 2021 & 2022

By the end of the year, we have four full months. On 20 September, 20 October, 19 November and 18 December and three new months. 6 October, 4 November and 4 December. That is to say, we still have time to release ourselves from what doesn’t serves us anymore and design our own 2022.

Moon Calendar - mushroomdana.com2


Final words 

I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe that we are the designers of our lives and that it is up to us to do everything we can to transform ourselves and our reality. In this way, we can nourish our souls and thus of those around us. 

Moon Ceremonies are a beautiful, creative and powerful tool in shifting our consciousness and expanding our perceptions. The time we choose to invest in our dreams is a time that will always bring us joy and happiness. 

This summer, I saw the Moon on a professional telescope. The experience was magical. We went to Italy on holiday at sea and on the seafront was a gentleman who radiated peace and had this telescope through which people could admire the Moon and the stars. It was a warm summer night, with a beautiful full Moon and a scent of romance. Christian and I were on a date, so it was the perfect moment for us to have this experience. 

moon ceremony

I will never forget the feeling I had the first time I really saw the Moon. When I looked through that telescope, I had an instant sense of peace and relief, as if I was home for the first time. I started to cry of happiness because I was overwhelmed by the beauty and peace that radiated from her. I carry that moment in my heart and on my face every time I see or think of the Moon. 

All in all, how are you designing the life of your dreams? Have you ever done a Moon Ceremony? What kind of rituals do you make? I would love to know and discover new methods and practices.

Moon ceremonies, moon ceremonies.

Remember to love yourself,
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