From Postnatal Depression To My Own Business


depresionWhat do you want to become when you grow older? It is a question that is not intended to do any harm but sets a cornerstone for many frustrations and inner struggles.

When I was little, I wanted to become a doctor. My father couldn’t wish for something better than this. A doctor in the family, a kind of relief for his old age. Needless to say that his dream and everything he expected of me was crushed long ago by my wild spirit.

Why can’t you learn like X or Y? He asked me when I was in school. Why do you dress like this? He asked me in my wild rock period. Why can’t you be like everyone else and find a secure job? He asked me in my 20s when I was struggling to find a job as a photographer to satisfy my hunger for creativity. I’m going to die, and I’m not going to enjoy a grandson. I’m not going to see you calm and in peace at your home. What do you want to do with your life?

These questions and others alike messed with my mind and my feelings. All my life, I tried any possible way to find myself and along with it that thing, that calling for something. Instead, I found many roads with twists and turns, which only got me more frustrated and even desperately hopeless.


I Discovered Something That Just Now I Begin to Understand

Along the way and more often in the last two years, I discovered something that just now I begin to understand and feel a little bit. It’s not about finding your path, your road, your way. You are already on your path, your road. It’s all about discovering yourself—your true self, which you lost along the way because of the distorted messages around you. What you are supposed to do in this life, besides living it, will without a doubt follow. You work with you, your mind, emotions, and imprint everything you meet in your life with yourself, your true self.

If I learned something from all the biographies I read or movies I saw about impressive people, they were all themselves. Composers, writers, athletes, actors, singers all inflected their personality in what they did—their visions, struggles, ideas despite everything and everyone.

When you do this, you practice self-discovery. A practice that will eventually lead you to that thing you have inside of you, but you don’t have a word for it yet. You will gain confidence and have a subtitle sense of power in your decisions.

I love my father deeply, and I’m quite aware of the fact that his intentions were more than thoughtful and full of love. He did his best. He more or less sacrificed his life so that my sister and I have more than necessary to live.

Fortunately, my father is still alive. He also met his grandson, and he visited my calm house, which he liked a lot. We even solved the problem with the dress code. I’ve changed my style many times since then. I’m not a doctor, but I feel I’m on the right path regarding my work life for the first time in my life. I have my own online business. He doesn’t understand exactly what I’m doing, but he’s happy that I’m working for myself.

The whole picture is still unclear. I don’t know where it will take me and how it will all evolve. I have a glimpse of what are my next steps, and this is enough. I’m open to everything and ready to expand myself as much as I can. I have inside of me an eagerness to create, to share, to build like never before.


I Dreamt of Having Something of My Own

All my life, I dreamt of having something of my own, something to incorporate all my ideas, vision and creativity, my business. Starting this blog opened for me a new door and offered me the platform to unleash myself in every possible way, and I just got started.

All these began precisely one year ago. I knew what a blog was. I even had one during university. Also, I knew that the internet has countless ways in which you can be creative. However, what I knew was only on the surface. I never got deep enough to actually understand how it all works and how to create an online business. Also, in my mind, all my limitation and fears were screaming—you don’t have enough time, capital, inspiration and so on. I still don’t have enough time or capital, but I’m doing it anyway.

In 2019 I lived in a new country, without a job and only with my partner, my cat and a baby a few months old. And, on top of it, I had a sort of post-pregnancy depression. I say “a sort of” because it wasn’t related to my baby, and I thought it did not count. I got haunted by my life obsessive questions, “Who am I and what am I suppose to do?” and the spiral to hell began.

It took me months to get on my feet. I worked a lot with myself from down there. Fortunately, I had a handful of beautiful people around me who helped me in their ways, even if almost all of them were just by phone.

At the same time, I found a platform that opened my perspectives on the internet offers. I discovered new ways of expression, and of which I can also make a living from an online business.

Suddenly all my mixed experiences started to fall in places and have a form of their own. A few days in the past was a heavy burden to bear. Now was something that I could call my own. I had discovered a foundation on which I could build to my liking and my creativity. A moment like this is priceless.

I learned a lot from this platform and had the liberty to do it in my own time, considering that Arun was only a few months old. Also, I was pleasantly impressed to discover that I had access to many LinkedIn courses, live training and an incredibly supportive community.


I Was Too Sceptical About Trying Online Courses

Over the years, I saw many online courses, but I was too sceptical about trying them. Too many fears, distorted impressions and distrust, which is good, but too much is harmful.

What I like the most about this platform because the leaders understood the importance of working with you. Besides the practical stuff, I had guidance and support for discovering my inner world, focusing on the business area.

This platform offers a new perspective on online businesses. You can learn e-commerce, affiliate marketing, ways of selling your products, mentoring, leadership, and much more.

Looking back, I can’t believe that a year has passed since I started the program. In this time, I learned a lot of new things. I created the base for my online business and started my first affiliate program experience.

I can’t say that I became a millionaire over the night. What I can say instead is that I do have started the process. Although it is extremely tiring and challenging, given the circumstances, I enjoy every single part of it.

I wanted to share this insight with you because it was, in a way, a life-changing kind of thing. I know I’m not the only one facing these situations. Also, I think that people out there are struggling more than I have for all of you who find themselves in similar situations. Check and see if this works for you. Maybe you will find it helpful and you will design your long wished business.

The name of the platform is Six figure mentors.

Finally, I hope that this information will help you out and give you a new perspective from the bottom of my heart. One that sparkles your creativity and encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. Good luck. 


Remember to love yourself.

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