Bamboo products

13 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products We Use Daily

I have always liked bamboo plants and the products made from them. I think it’s such a beautiful and unique plant. After I started researching how we can live a more sustainable life, I discovered that bamboo has so many…

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Working From Home (pexels-cottonbro-4065876)

9 Productivity Tips for Working From Home

I have always admired people who worked from home. From my perception, they worked less and had more free time to do also other things like pursuing a passion, going for a walk in the park in the middle of…

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Montessori bedroom

Creating a Montessori Bedroom. DIY Ideas

Arun moved into his bedroom and we have finally gotten our bed back. I can’t believe how much space our room has and how long a night can be.Β Montessori bedroom After we moved into our new apartment, it took us…

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9 Uplifting Mobile Wallpapers

Words can break you into million pieces or heal your wounded heart. Words in a person’s mouth can act as a deadly weapon or as a warm embrace from a loving mother. How many times the words someone addressed to…

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Balcony makeover into toddler playground

Hello, ladies, these past days I was very busy with a new playful project IΒ was thinking about for a very long time. A balcony makeover into a toddler playground.Β We used the balcony as a storage space, but uninvited things kept…

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