A Journey to Self on the River Tagliamento, Italy

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It’s so beautiful how life takes you to unforgettable places, especially locations where it doesn’t even cross your mind that you could discover peaceful and beautiful spots. 

In August, we were mainly on the road, travelling across three different countries. I went with Arun to Romania and Christian went to Italy with his parents. At the end of the month, we reunited in Italy, but our energies were a bit off. This brought a lot of tension and we needed a few days to recalibrate ourselves. 

We are travellers and we love to travel and discover new and hidden places, so we often listen to our inner voices when we are on the road. We stop the car when we feel like it and simply go and explore the surroundings. So many times, the Universe surprised us with incredible landscapes, people and situations. On this particular day, it was also the case. 



The path in the forest

We saw a path through the forest, stopped the car, and went to see where it led us. We walked in the woods for about 10 minutes before we found some stairs. The steps descended quite steeply into the bank of a river. We followed the steps — Christian, with Arun in his arms, me with my camera in one hand and the other trying to hold my dress, so I didn’t miss a step and fall. Below us were huge and white rocks that looked like lime.

After descending the stairs, we turned to face the river, took a few steps forward, and we were in awe. The landscape was divine.

It was a huge open space with the most beautiful and crystalline river water I have ever seen in my life, which flowed unrestrained into the riverbed. The sun was shining bright, so we could clearly see the stones from the bottom of the river. The big rocks were not covered in water, so we used them to get even closer to the river. Practically, we were in the river. 

The sky was blue with a few clouds, and in the background, beautiful medium-sized mountains, covered in forests made the view unforgettable. What made it more memorable was the fact that we were alone, no one around us, no human, no house, no animals, just us and the birds in the sky. We felt so free, happy and peaceful. What a blessing! 


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Cold as ice

Suddenly, Christian decided to take a bath in the river. I agreed with him and got rid of my shoes so I could try the water and who knows, maybe follow him. So I set my shoes aside, put my feet in the water; 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, brain freeze. 

Brain freeze happens when blood flow increases and resistance in the brain blood vessels. So when we experience a brain freeze, we might actually be feeling our brain’s blood vessels reacting to the cold.

This didn’t seem to stop Christian. No, he got rid of all his clothes and entered bravely into the coldest water I have ever felt on my body. This happened not once but three times in a row. I knew he was a Viking in his soul, but now he has also proven it. I have to say, I was impressed by his determination and power of controlling his breath. 



Meanwhile, Arun was throwing stones in the water, singing and playing serenely near the water. At one point, he wanted to follow his dad into the water, but in the end, he was content with having only his feet in the water. 

We spent a few hours on that lake and we laughed, explored every stone, meditated, sang, enjoyed the view and just be. We didn’t feel the time, Arun didn’t get bored, not even a second, and everything felt right. Playing outside can improve motor skills, lower the body mass index, enhance muscle strength and overall health. Children who play outside develop a sense of independence and have a greater appreciation for the environment.

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Life can take us to incredible places if we trust her and let her guide our footsteps. I still have moments when I interrupt the flow of life and try to control myself, situations or people. But more and more, I trust that God, the Universe, is always conspiring for our greater good. We just need to allow ourselves to see and feel his presence. 

More and more, I’m exploring the beauty of letting go and trusting the Universe that it has my back, that it’s holding me in its embrace and the only thing I need to do is just be. 

How is your life? Do you often or rarely let yourself be carried away by the trust in the Universe? I am curious to know how you recognise these kinds of moments.

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Remember to love yourself

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