What Crystals to Have in Your Home and Where to Place Them

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Crystals are one of the most delicate expressions of beauty on our planet. They have unique energies which draw you to them. Not once did I find myself being in a gem shop, falling in love with a crystal and taking it home with me.

I began connecting with crystals some years ago, and since then, I surrounded myself with different types of gems, shapes and colours. Often I found in these stones comfort, grounding, and an exciting kind of connection.

One of the most beautiful experiences I had was with a Smoky Quartz. Two years ago, I was taking pictures of crystals at a friend’s shop. At one point during the photo shooting, I took this Smokey Quartz in my hand, placed it on the table in front of the camera and went to take the shots. When I looked through the lens, it absorbed me instantly. It was an entire universe inside that quartz.

At that time, I felt very alone and in desperate need of a teacher, and when I saw the crystal, I was mesmerised and felt instant peace and humbleness. As you can imagine, I took the Smoky Quartz home. For me, that moment was magical.

Besides being pretty and cosy, our homes need balance and harmony, and I believe crystals can help us in this matter. So let’s see what gems you can use in your home and where to place them.



Smokey Quartz – front door

This stone has a protective power, absorbing low vibrational energies and cleaning the space around it. If you place the crystal near your front door, you will have a powerful protector that will absorb all the low vibrational energies. It is a Feng Shui stone used to bring balance and harmony to a home.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding crystal that amplifies the truth of everything around it, and that can bring a feeling of grounding as it works directly with the Root Chakra.


Flower Agate – living room

Flower Agate was found recently in Madagascar and came into my life also recently. I found myself admiring it in a shop and not being able to let it go anymore. The moment when it entered my life synchronised perfectly with the time I launched my blog.

Flower Agate has 3-dimensional plumes and cross-sections that create gentle flower-like plumes. As the name suggests, this crystal helps you discover and blossom your dormant talents. It has delicate and soft energy that can bring you peace and strength. By placing it in your living room, a place where you usually spend a lot of time, you will have more contact with her and create a deeper connection.

Often I find myself attracted by my Flower Agate and start to meditate with it for a few minutes. It is a fascinating and reliable companion to have with you when practising meditation. Flower Agate speaks directly to your Heart Chakra.


Rose Quartz – bedroom 

This stone carries a gentle but powerful feminine pink energy. It is a crystal of unconditional love and can emanate grace, tenderness, comfort, and love. Also, Rose Quartz has the power to dissolve hate, violence, fear, and emotional wounds.

The bedroom has a special place in a house. It is an area of peace and calm, a place where we go to rest and recharge. It should be like a womb. Therefore by placing a Rose Quartz in your bedroom, you invite subtle and gentle energies that will nourish you and balance all these energies.

Rose Quartz communicates directly with your Heart Chakra.



Citrine – kitchen

This crystal is Vitamin C for the soul, and it can stimulate the immune system and work as a bandage for our soul wounds. Citrine has in its composition silicon dioxide, a natural compound made of silicon and oxygen. It can be found naturally in the earth, water, plants, and animals, and therefore in us as well. By placing this ”Light Maker” stone in your kitchen, you will create a healthy and harmonious space for your food and water, thus for yourself.

Solar Plexus Chakra is the chakra related to Citrine.


Clear Quartz – bathroom

Place transparent quartz in your bathroom to clear the energy and the water. This crystal can stimulate the immune system and bring the body into balance. Usually, during the day, we tend to accumulate a lot of stress and exhaustion and in the evening we wish only for a hot bath.

Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer”, so placing it near your bathtub or shower, you will create a powerful place of relaxation and healing. You will have not only a beautiful stone that will delight your eyes but a powerful crystal that will assist your healing and enhance the connection with your true self.

Clear Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra, the place in the body where your consciousness originates



Amethyst – study room

When I’m working, I like to be near a window to look into the distance and have an Amethyst Crystal near me to ground me and inspire me.

I truly believe that designing a peaceful place for work can improve our creativity and productivity. We need something that can take us beyond the barriers of our limitations, and it seems like the Amethyst is the perfect stone for this. Besides her mesmerising beauty, this crystal is a natural stress reliever, balancing energies and creating a harmonious environment.

This gem resonates with the Third Eye Chakra and can also be a perfect partner in meditation and improving your spiritual awareness.


Celestite – kids’ room

Stones come in a wide variety and uses. Depending on your intention (love, growth, protection, calm), you can find various crystals that can help you.

For Arun’s room, I chose Celestite because, besides being a teacher for the New Age, it calms the sleep and creates an open space for developing and growing. Celestite stimulates and supports Throat Chakra.

Depending on your intention for kids’ room, you can find below other options to consider: 

  • Citrine increases concentration and memory;
  • Rose Quartz for a loving and nourishing embrace;
  • Amethyst can block the negativity of surroundings;
  • Onyx is one of the most powerful protection stones;
  • Clear Quartz can help your child be more open and attract positive knowledge;
  • Peridot is a beautiful green stone that can stimulate growth and sharpen the mind, perfect for study.

Altogether, maybe you believe that gems can influence our life, or perhaps not. Either way, we can’t ignore the fact that at a chemical level, we can find crystals in our body chemistry. They are a part of us, so logically, we are in direct connection. A Microcosmos is a Macrocosmos.

I believe that we can learn tremendously from crystals. Starting with the way they came to be and ending with their incredible beauty. If we are open enough, we can connect with our crystals and gain a lot of wisdom.

When I started working consciously with my ego more than ten years ago, I found great support in them. Crystals can elevate your spirit and nurture your gifts if you let them. Important! It is essential to clean your crystals after bringing them home and setting an intention before working with them. Which crystal attracted you the most? What did you feel? Please tell us in the comments below!

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Remember to love yourself,

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  1. Thanks for the very helpful information about where to place the crystals. I have a few and now understand more about them and why I am drawn to some more than others.

  2. Thanks for the information about the crystals. I now have a better understanding of why I am drawn more to some than others. Also noticed that it changes occasionally.

  3. Are you familiar with crystals for healing or medicinal properties? My son was just diagnosed with crones disease and I’m trying to find a crystal he can carry around with him to help him feel better. Thank you!

    1. Hello Wendi, I believe it can be hard breaking hearing this news. I heard and read about crystal therapies, but unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary information to help you with your question. However, I took the time to do a little research and what I found is that the Third Chakra is known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, located in the upper abdomen, just below the solar plexus. This Chakra governs the digestive organs, including the stomach, small intestine, liver, etc. The stones for Solar plexus Chakra are Yellow Jasper · Citrine · Tiger’s Eye · Carnelian · Golden Quartz.

      After you find a crystal it is vital to know where the crystal was found and how was extracted because they are cases in which the crystals are extracted using unhealthy methods. Also, it is necessary with any crystal you buy or receive to clean and charge it before using it and also from time to time.

      Please take into consideration that these are just my opinions based on my research and should not replace professional medical treatment. I encourage you to find specialised people around your area who worked with crystals for many years and can offer you more information and support.

      I believe this documentary can provide you with some useful informations that can help you in your next step.

      I am sending you and your son love and courage to navigate this experience with grace 💛💛

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