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You HAVE TO read this

Posted: August 12, 2020

How did you felt when you read “HAVE TO”? I suppose something in you triggered and made you click on the link. Maybe you thought it is something urgent or vital that you need to know. “HAVE TO” has tremendous power over us in our times. Since I’ve known myself, I…

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From Postnatal Depression To My Own Business

Posted: July 29, 2020

What do you want to become when you grow older? It is a question that is not intended to do any harm but sets a cornerstone for many frustrations and inner struggles. When I was little, I wanted to become a doctor. My father couldn’t wish for something better than…

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7 Ways To Restore Mental Clarity

Posted: July 15, 2020

There are times when it seems like words, ideas, things, past, present, future, job, family, emotions are all at the same time in your head. Times when you just want everything to stop and have a little moment of quiet so you can recalibrate yourself and put everything into order. …

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Your ego is not your enemy, change your perception

Posted: May 12, 2020

Since I’ve known myself, I had this restlessness inside of me. I was always asking questions and wanting to understand everything. Like all of you, I had different kinds of experiences, painful, uplifting, and everything in between these extremes. These events helped me reach a point where I discovered how to…

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Enjoy being alone, 9 inspiring ideas you can apply now

Posted: May 5, 2020

Being alone with yourself and enjoying it can be equally challenging and effortless. No one has taught us how to enjoy ourselves.  When we are little, we learn how the world function, how we function in the world. We are creating our patterns, which we also apply in our adult life….

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A new chapter in my life called Expansion

Posted: May 1, 2020

This new chapter started some years ago, on this very day. Back then, I was on a beach, surrounded by thousands of people, at Sunwaves Music Festival and partying like a rock star dreaming about how I would like my life to be. Now I’m living that dream, I’m home, with my…

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Learn to love yourself consciously in 7 steps

Posted: May 1, 2020

When was the last time you learned to love yourself or told yourself “I love myself“? Learning to love yourself consciously is a paradoxical process, it’s very hard and takes a lot of time. But, at the same time, when you experience it, it happens extremely fast and with overwhelming…

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