A Time of Change


This morning I was talking to one of my friends about waking up early when having little kids, like five a clock in the morning, and somehow we end up talking about experiencing a time of change. Suddenly I felt the need to share with you some thoughts I have about these moments.

A coin always has two sides.

If we look from one perspective, we can see this: disease, death, chaos, economy, uncertainty, fear, disconnection, and so on, but…


∴ There is also another perspective that I think
we should take into consideration 


  little moments of grace

You know that time when you told yourself – I want to work from home, I want to have more time to play with my kids, I would like to do something else with the time I’m spending in traffic, I would like to have time to read, stretch, meditate, time for me, sleep a little more, dream a little more, I would like to eat with my family, pause for a day, make a change end so many other look-alike thoughts and wishes? Well… 

∴ Now is that time, use it wisely 

We now see what we take for granted in our day by day life. We are forced to disconnect from the outer world to look on one hand inwards, in our own experience and second to see that we live in community, we need one another to help and support each other, to heal and expand.

Also, it’s not all about us. Our Mother has now a little break from us and the noise we make. We are like little kids who scream, demand, take, and crave all the time. Now we play quietly in our homes, and She can enjoy a moment of peace. And somehow we benefit from this too. If you put the fear aside, can you see the ease?

These perspectives and choices are here, even if you choose to see them or not. On this planet we experience duality, we were in one extreme, now we are forced to go to the other one so we can live the experience and finally establish some balance in our own lives.

When in history, our species stopped and paused for a little while? We live transformational times, appreciate the moment, be grateful, embrace the change, and transform your journey.

If there is something that I learned in my journey of self-discovering is that the things we want or desire, do not come as we aspect them to, they always happen, but almost all the time in their own ways.

Dare to see it from a different perspective
We live extraordinary times.



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